Business English

What is business English?

What is business English in the first place?

Can you consider overseas business trips, meetings with overseas companies, and the response of guests from overseas?

But consider the following questions:

“What is business Japanese in the first place? Do you think there is business Japanese?”

There seems to be no definition in particular, but if I give one keyword for explanation, I think there is “politeness”. For example, the language we use for friends and customers is different. One of the differences is thought to be “carefulness”.

In other words, whether you are in business Japanese or business English, there is this “politeness” as one of the knowledge to learn it. For example …

Example. If someone was visiting your home and it was a friend

“I’ve come here well, sit down.”

But if your company visits a customer,

“Come on. Please sit down and wait.”

If you are a Japanese, especially an office worker, most people should be able to use these two types without special study. If you are a salaried worker working under a strict boss, your degree of politeness will be high.

Let’s think again. Do you think you have business English?

Did everyone answer?

The next question is what kind of study should be done.

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